DVP Stories: "I could actually feel his cock throbbig next to mine"

Double vaginal Stories
Male Perspective

"sean9incher" via lpsg.org Forums...
"It was probably one of the most intense orgasms I have had. I laid on my back on the bed and she got on top of me facing me an laid down on me. Then her friend (from work) got between our legs and entered her pussy above my cock. We tried at first with him wearing a condom but we quickly realized that it didn't work very well for us. So he took off the condom and pushed back in. His urethra was pressing against mine and it was tight as hell. We all three had to move together because she was so small that it was very tight.

He began to have orgasmic spasms which started mine going because I could actually feel his cock throbbig next to mine and then he ended up shooting inside her which sent me over the top and I too came. We all sort of laid there in a "fuck" sandwich and eventually dismounted. But it was incredible."


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