DVP Stories: "I fantasize about being fucked by two men"

Double vaginal Stories
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I absolutely LOVE double penetration. So far I've only done this with my boyfriend and a dildo about the same size as him. I just love the feeling of fullness. It gives me the greatest orgasms. My boyfriend has a long cock as well so I just love the depth of penetration. Being stretched really fills me up and puts pressure on all the right spots. I fantasize about being fucked by two men but it's not happened yet.

I am in a monogamous relationship that I cherish and don't really want to bring another person into the picture. My boyfriend says he's open to the idea and I might be if the right situation presented itself. I just don't know who could be the other person. My boyfriend isn't bi so he's a bit concerned about how he would feel with his cock touching another guy's cock. All I can say for now, "Thank god for toys!"


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